Insolvency Practitioners

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When someone is insolvent, it means that they cannot pay back their debts. Insolvency Practitioners (IP) take control of their finances either through and IVA or bankruptcy and ensure that each creditor receives a fair proportion of the estate.

IP's will examine the estate (their total worth including salary) and from that they will work out how much money the creditors will receive from it. They should be left with a sum of money which should cover reasonable living expenses.

IP's should hold records of all insolvencies they have been involved in.

1 Ashburn Croft, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK, LS22 5RE

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International Cases   No

32-34 North Parade, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, BD1 3HZ

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International Cases   No

First Floor, 5-7 Northgate, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, UK, BD19 3HH

International Cases   No

York House, 249 Manningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, BD8 7ER

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International Cases   No

3 Salem Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, BD1 4QH

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International Cases   No

88 Wood Street, London, UK, EC2V 7QF

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International Cases   Yes

Bridge House, River Side North, BEWDLEY, Worcestershire, UK, DY12 1AB

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International Cases   No

Civil recovery measures can be used by victims of fraud to recover their losses.

The victim can obtain compensation (a payment of money or transfer of assets) from the fraudster or someone else who participated in the fraud.

The victim may be an individual, a business, or a Government agency.

The Civil Recovery Network provides a central location for obtaining advice and details of individuals, firms and organisations who may be able to assist you in civil recovery. 

How it works

What we do

The Civil Recovery Network is a portal designed to bring together individuals and businesses with service providers who have the knowledge and expertise to help in recovering monies they have lost.

Losses could be as a result of fraud, negligence or simply an acrimonious business relationship.

How we do it

Service providers are listed by category and listing include names, contact numbers, emails and a detailed description of the services provided. 

Clients can comment on their experiences by adding feedback to service provider listings. This has the effect of promoting the good work of the professional, customer friendly providers whilst also highlighting any problem providers.

Feedback can only be added by registered users. 

The Experts

We constantly research the market and aim to get on board all available service providers who have the specialist skills to investigate, analyse, trace, seize, and recover monies owed.

The Victims

We work in partnership with a number of government agencies, charities and online organisations to ensure that individuals and businesses know where to go to find help in recovering their money.

For victims

Suggested first steps:

1. Collate all available information

2. Read through the information on this site and try and understand the processes.

3. Establish if you have sufficient to approach a lawyer direct (if not consider a case assessment)

4. Identify any specialist requirements

5. Browse or search for a service provider

For service providers

We aim to have the largest audience of individuals and businesses in the UK looking to recover monies. This includes discontinued / NFA police fraud matters, business creditors, civil and business disputes as well as general online and offline victims of fraud / crime.

Once registered, listings are created and submitted online and will provide a link for people to directly contact the experts they need to help progress their cases. 

We recommend listings include keywords that describe any specialist skills and areas of expertise. 

Listings are charged at £240 per year.